Wags Pet Motel: A Safe and Comfortable Haven for Your Furry Friend

As pet owners, we know how important it is to provide our furry friends with a safe and comfortable environment when we’re away from home. That’s where Wags Pet Motel comes in – a premier pet lodging facility that offers a range of services to ensure your beloved pets are happy, healthy, and well-cared-for while you’re away. In this article, we’ll explore what makes Wags Pet Motel stand out from other boarding facilities and why it’s the perfect choice for your furry friend’s next stay.

The Facilities at Wags Pet Motel

When it comes to pet lodging facilities, Wags Pet Motel sets the standard for quality and comfort. Their state-of-the-art facilities offer everything your pet needs to be comfortable during their stay, including spacious indoor kennels with temperature control systems, outdoor play areas, and private suites that allow for greater privacy.

Additionally, they offer on-site grooming services as well as ample walking areas where your furry friend can enjoy some exercise and fresh air. The facility is also staffed with experienced professionals who are trained in animal care and behavior, ensuring that your pet receives the best possible care while you’re away.

Services Offered at Wags Pet Motel

In addition to their exceptional lodging facilities, Wags Pet Motel also offers a range of services designed to meet all of your pet’s needs during their stay. This includes:


Their primary service is overnight boarding which ranges from basic kennels to luxurious suites complete with TV’s!


The professional grooming services offered by Wags Pet Motel include everything from baths and nail trims to full-service grooming sessions that cover all aspects of coat and skin care.

Doggie Daycare

If you need a place for your dog during work hours or while you run errands, Wags Pet Motel also offers doggie daycare services. Your furry friend can spend the day playing with other dogs and receiving plenty of attention from their caretakers.


Wags Pet Motel is partnered with several professional trainers who offer a range of training options, including obedience training, puppy training or even private lessons.

By offering all these services under one roof, Wags Pet Motel ensures that your furry friend receives the best possible care and attention during their stay.

The Importance of Choosing a Quality Boarding Facility

Leaving your pet in someone else’s care can be nerve-wracking, but a quality boarding facility like Wags Pet Motel provides peace of mind knowing that your furry friend is in good hands. A good boarding facility should prioritize your pet’s safety and well-being while providing top-notch comforts – exactly what Wags provides!

These types of facilities usually consist of trained staff who have experience working with animals and know how to identify potential health issues or behavior problems before they become severe.

Final Thoughts

Wags Pet Motel is dedicated to providing pets with the highest level of care and comfort during their owners’ absence. With spacious indoor kennels, outdoor play areas, on-site grooming services, doggie daycare and expert training resources available all under one roof – it is clear why this place has been rated so highly among pet owners.

Whether you need overnight boarding or just daytime daycare for your family pet,Wags Pet Motel has got you covered. Rest easy knowing that your beloved furry friends are comfortable and safe at Wags while you are away- an investment for both you as well as them!

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