Wag Hotels: Premium Pet Boarding Nationwide

Wag Hotels is a trusted brand of premium pet boarding facilities across the United States. With hotels in 19 states currently and expanding yearly, Wag Hotels aims to provide 5-star level care and amenities for pets no matter where their travel takes them. All locations are AAHA accredited to ensure best practices in animal care, and partners with brands like Isabelle’s Oatmeals, Planet Fidos and West Paw. For exceptional care, nutrition, play and rest for pets, keep tails wagging during travel with Wag Hotels.

Facilities and Amenities

Wag Hotels features thoughtfully designed facilities aimed at reducing stress and promoting wellbeing in pets:
•Luxury suites: With TVs, soothing music, orthopedic bedding and natural lighting. Suites range from cozy size to presidential deluxe.
•All-day play: Indoor and outdoor play areas, agility courses, splash pads and home-like playrooms for social interaction, activity and fun. Play is structured around each pet’s needs and temperament.
•Spa services: From shampooing and deShedding to nail trims and massages, Wag Hotels offers full grooming services for optimal comfort and hygiene during boarding.
•Premium meals: Nutritionally balanced, natural meals and treats from brands like Isabelle’s Oatmeals or Planet Dog. Staff works with pet parents to continue feeding normal diet or switch to a Wag premium diet.
•24/7 monitoring: Skilled staff provides tender love and care round the clock, including late night tuck-ins, potty breaks and any medication needs.
Wag Hotels blends home-like amenities with 5-star services for rest, nutrition, play and care during travel or any situation requiring pet boarding. Your pet’s wellbeing is their top priority.🐶

Convenient Locations Coast to Coast

With locations in 19 states and counting, Wag Hotels makes premium pet boarding accessible almost anywhere your travel may take you. Current hotel locations include:
•West Coast: California (14 locations), Washington (3 locations), Oregon (3 locations)
•Southwest: Texas (10 locations), Colorado (3 locations), Arizona (2 locations)
•Midwest: Illinois (6 locations), Ohio (3 locations), Wisconsin (2 locations)
•East Coast: Florida (4 locations), New York (3 locations), Pennsylvania (2 locations)
•South: North Carolina (2 locations), Tennessee (1 location)
For 5-star care no matter the destination, let Wag Hotels keep your pet happy, healthy and wagging during travel across the country. 🐶

Wag Hotels operates a swiftly growing network of premium pet boarding facilities across the United States. At each of their many hotels, pets are treated to luxury amenities, nutritious dining options, all-day play and 24-hour care from highly trained staff. Wag Hotels partners with brands like Planet Dog and Isabelle’s Oatmeals to provide natural products, meals and treats for boarded pets. With coast to coast locations and the highest of standards in pet wellbeing, Wag Hotels keeps your pet’s tail wagging wherever your travel or situation may take them. For care, comfort and joy in every hotel, book premium pet boarding at a facility near you through Wag Hotels. Your pet’s home away from home.🐶

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