Wag Hotel Carson: Premium Pet Boarding & Daycare

Wag Hotel Carson provides premium pet boarding, daycare, grooming and veterinary care services in a state-of-the-art facility. Their customized rooms feature hydraulic lifts for easy access along with TVs for comfort. Daycare also incorporates indoor grass areas, swimming pools and play structures where pets romp and socialize under supervision. Trained handlers continually engage with pets to provide mental and physical stimulation each day of their stay.

Luxury Boarding Suites

Wag Hotel Carson offers luxury pet boarding suites complete with flat screen TVs, premium bedding and 24-hour care by trained professionals. Their Standard, Deluxe and Presidential suites range from 4×5 to 8×9 feet based on your pet’s size and specific needs. Built-in hydraulic lifts enable easy access and handling for the comfort of pets and staff. Constant care and monitoring ensure your pet’s safety, health and enjoyment during their boarding stay.

Active Daycare & Amenities

For daycare, Wag Hotel provides monitored indoor/outdoor play on artificial grass, playground equipment and swimming pools along with rest areas, premium bedding and fresh food/water. Qualified handlers engage with pets at all times through play, training, brushing and affections. Their customized K9 Social Club Daycare Packages allow choosing specific playtimes and activities to match your pet’s needs. Grooming, training and transportation services are also available.

Veterinary Care & Emergency Services

Wag Hotel operates a full-service veterinary clinic providing exams, vaccinations, treatments and 24-hour emergency care for pets boarding or attending daycare. Their vet team performs a general health exam on all pets within 24 hours of arrival at the hotel, with any medical needs addressed immediately.

For premium care tailored to you, choose Wag Hotel Carson. Their luxury suites, daycare with pools/playgrounds, salon, training and veterinary services ensure your pet’s health and happiness. Here is precision care from trusted specialists focused on enriching life’s adventures together. This is a getaway for the ages. Your pet’s enjoyment and your peace of mind—experience premium nurtured. New memories await, crafted to the highest standards of you.

Overall, Wag Hotel Carson provides a premium experience focused on your pet’s wellbeing from the inside out. Luxury boarding, active daycare, grooming and veterinary care combine for wellness tailored to your pet’s needs. Life’s adventures together shape days of fun and rest in spaces designed to enrich each moment shared upon your return. For care lavished on the small details, choose Wag Hotel Carson—where precision becomes devotion and lifetime bonds are deepened within experiences curated to the passion of you. New stories await. The getaway of a lifetime, together nourished premium.

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