Keep Your Pup Safe on the Go: COOYOO Dog Seat Belt


COOYOO offers a variety of pet products such as pet toys, accessories, grooming tools, and more. They focus on providing high-quality, durable, and safe products for pets.

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COOYOO Dog Seat Belt

  • DURABILITY – No matter how well-trained your pup may be, there is no guarantee that it won¡¯t tug, pull, and chew on the seat belt during the ride. The material of our seat belt be extra durable, made of high density nylon fabric to ensure durability, and the metal elements of the construction to be sturdy enough not to unbuckle or snap at the worst possible moment.
  • ELASTIC BUFFER DESIGN – Restraint with elastic buffer could keep your dog from sudden brake or sharp turn, keep your dogs away from possible choking risk, allows pets active freely in certain space without the feeling of rigid control.
  • TANGLE-FREE & ADJUSTED – The dog seat belt can be easily adjusted from 22 to 31 inches. A sturdy, aluminium alloy clasp swivels 360 degrees to accommodate comfort in case he wants to sit, stand or lay down,so your dog can rotate and move around without ever getting tangled.
  • CONVENIENCE & UNIVERSAL FITTING – The universal design allows you to clip and unclip your pooch in seconds with no fiddling around.The tab on the seatbelt clip is 0.79 inch in width, which is compatible with most vehicles.Please make sure to check your buckle’s size and compatibility before order.
  • SATISFACTION GUARANTEE – The dog seatbelt comes with a collapsible travel bowl for pet. our goal is to design premium quality pet supplies that make life easier and more comfortable for pets and their families.Your satisfaction is our top most priority.Contact us for refund or exchange if you are not happy with our product for any reason.

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A Review Of COOYOO

These are a great value and a well made product. They simply snap into the seat buckle and clip onto your dogs harness. The two pack is great so we can keep one in each car. It is made of a tough nylon that would be difficult for my dog to chew through. I looked at all kinds of seats and other contraptions, but this is great because it doesn’t get in the way of you still need room for other passengers.


I bought this because my dog goes with us in the car pretty frequently. After my dog has gotten lunged forward when the breaks have had to be pumped suddenly I decided that it might be time to level up his safety. I didn’t want my dog to fly through the windshield! I look and looked for a dog seatbelt and read multiple reviews and multiple products but they all were not what I was looking for. Then I came across this product, the reviews were positive and it sounded promising. When it arrived I was not disappointed! It works just the way it should and the adjustable feature is just nice! I would totally buy this again and the price is better than I could even dream for all the things it came with and for high quality they ALL are! If you’re looking for a doggy seatbelt to keep your pooch safe, this is the one! It is Pawfect!

FAQs About COOYOO Dog Seat Belt:

  1. Is the seat belt adjustable for different dog sizes? Yes, indeed! The adjustable strap ensures a comfortable and secure fit for dogs of all breeds and sizes.
  2. Can my dog chew through the seat belt? While the seat belt is durable and designed to withstand normal wear and tear, it’s always a good idea to monitor your dog during car rides to prevent chewing or tampering.
  3. Is the seat belt compatible with all car models? The seat belt is designed to fit most standard seat belt buckles, making it compatible with the majority of vehicles on the market.
  4. Can I use the seat belt with a dog harness? Absolutely! For optimal safety, it’s recommended to attach the seat belt to your dog’s harness rather than their collar.

In conclusion, the COOYOO Dog Seat Belt is not just a convenience; it’s a necessity for pet owners who prioritize the safety and well-being of their furry companions. So why wait? Buckle up and hit the road with confidence, knowing that your pup is protected every step of the way!

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