Get Quality Dog Food Delivered to Your Doorstep with Amazon’s Affordable Wag Brand

Wag is an online brand of dog food owned and sold by Amazon. They offer three tiers of dry kibble recipes – Wag Beef, Turkey and Salmon. Each recipe features a named meat as the first ingredient with no artificial colors or byproducts according to Wag. Their dog food aims to provide premium nutrition and quality at an affordable, subscription-based price point delivered direct to customers based on the company.

Product Lineup

The Wag dog food line includes:

  • Wag Beef Recipe – Features beef, beef meal and beef fat as first three ingredients; for adult dogs.
  • Wag Turkey Recipe – Turkey-based recipe with turkey meal and turkey fat; for adult dogs.
  • Wag Salmon Recipe – Salmon and salmon meal are first two ingredients; for adult dogs.


Wag dog food recipes are formulated to meet AAFCO nutritional standards for complete and balanced canine diets according to the company. Their kibble contains named meat proteins like beef, turkey or salmon as the first ingredients followed by meat or fish meals, digests and fats based on Wag. Recipes also include digestible carbohydrates, essential fatty acids, prebiotics and supplements to support whole health needs based on their advice.


Customer reviews say Wag dog food provides very good quality nutrition for the price. The subscription model offers convenience and 10-30% discounts for customized delivery based on feedback. Dogs seem to enjoy the flavor and kibble size, with health and coat quality benefits noticed by many owners after switching to Wag based on reviews.

Some potential downsides are lack of smaller kibble for certain breeds, limited recipe choices and subscription commitment required based on limited customer reviews. However, most say Wag offers premium dog food at an affordable cost with the added benefit of home delivery according to feedback. For budget-friendly, meat-first nutrition, Wag emerges as a recommendation among owners looking for quality and simplicity at a lower cost based on reputation.

Overall, Wag dog food receives excellent reviews as a solid, affordable option. While relatively new, Wag seems to be achieving their goal of high-value, natural nutrition for dogs at a lower price point based on initial response. For dog owners on a budget looking for meat-based kibble without excess fillers or byproducts, Wag aims to provide an easy choice that delivers based on feedback. They receive strong initial praise for their simple, nutritious recipes and customer-centric subscription program among reviewers.