Feed Your Dog Premium, Customized Nutrition with Wag Dog Food on Amazon Prime Day

Premium Dog Food, Personalized for Your Pup

Wag Dog Food provides customized, home-delivered dog food based on your dog’s unique needs. Their recipes feature high-quality, whole ingredients and essential supplements for complete nutrition. For Amazon Prime Day, get your first Wag dog food delivery for 50% off.

Real-Meat, Non-GMO Ingredients

Wag dog food uses only natural, non-GMO ingredients with real animal protein as the first ingredient. Their recipes are made with deboned meat, meat meal, lentils, chickpeas and digestible whole grains for nutritional balance and optimum health.

Tailored to Your Dog’s Size, Activity Level and Age

When you sign up for Wag, you’ll provide details about your dog to receive a customized meal plan with portions that match their specific needs. Formulas for puppies, adults and seniors as well as recipes for small breed, large breed and performance dogs ensure your pup gets the right nutrition for their life stage and size.

Essential Nutrients for Whole-Body Health

Wag dog food provides guaranteed amounts of glucosamine for joint health, essential fatty acids for skin and coat, probiotics for digestion and various vitamins and minerals for overall wellness. Their balanced recipes fuel your dog from nose to tail.

50% Off Your First Order

Get Wag personalized dog food for 50% off + free shipping on your first delivery. Then receive customized auto-shipments of fresh-made, home-delivered dog food based on the meal plan created for your pup. Your dog’s health and happiness are Wag’s top priority.

Nutrition Personalized for the Life You Share

As devoted pet owners, Wag Dog Food believes dogs deserve diets tailored to their unique needs. Their customized recipes made from natural, whole ingredients support your dog’s health through every life stage. Save 50% on your first order of Wag personalized dog food, created for the adventures you and your pup share. For nutrition that nurtures life’s special bonds, fill their bowl with Wag.

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