Everything You Need to Know About the Wag Hotel Near Me

If you’re a pet owner in search of quality care and accommodations for your furry friend, you’ve likely heard of the Wag Hotel. The hotel is much more than a simple boarding facility; it offers an expansive range of services to ensure that pets not only receive top-notch care but also have fun while doing so. In this article, we’ll explore everything you need to know about the Wag Hotel near you and why it’s a great choice for pet owners.

What is the Wag Hotel?

The Wag Hotel is a luxury pet care facility that provides quality overnight boarding, daycare services, grooming services, training, and even shuttle services for pets of all shapes and sizes. Since its founding in 2005 with its first location in West Sacramento, California, the hotel has expanded to three additional locations throughout California (Redwood City – Bay Area, Santa Clara – South Bay Area), with each branch featuring top-of-the-line amenities.

The hotel’s mission is to provide pets with an environment akin to their own home while providing human-quality service. The staff at the hotel is composed of animal lovers who are dedicated to ensuring all four-legged guests’ comfort levels are met.

Benefits of Using the Wag Hotel

There are many benefits associated with using the Wag Hotel instead of more traditional boarding facilities. Here are just a few:

Plenty of Fun Activities

One significant benefit associated with using the Wag Hotel is plenty of activities available for both dogs and cats. They offer supervised play areas where they can socialize and make new friends while under close watch by trained personnel.

They also offer training courses taught by certified trainers that cover everything from potty training puppies to advanced obedience techniques. These classes serve as great opportunities for dogs or cats among groups they’re comfortable playing around without fears or aggressiveness towards other animals.

Wag hotels recreational spaces include pools, climbing areas, and more.

Custom Tailored Services

The Wag Hotel offers customizable care services tailored to the needs of both dogs and cats. This means that pets receive around-the-clock attention from certified professionals who can administer medication, ensure they get proper exercise or rest based on their individual health profile.

Another tailoring service is custom meals provided by nutritionists and prepared daily. Special diet requests from pet owners can be accommodated too.

Petcam Surveillance

One benefit that has won over many pet owners is the hotel’s state of the art PetCam surveillance system. The camera allows pet owners to watch their fur babies remotely using their smartphone or computer while also giving them peace of mind that their pets are safe and well-cared for while away from home.

How to Choose the Best Wag Hotel Near Me

When choosing a Wag Hotel near you, it’s essential first to consider what services you’re looking for. Not all locations may offer every service available, so make sure you research each facility in your area thoroughly. Some factors worth evaluating include:

  • Location: Consider a location close enough for convenience but far enough from noise pollution.
  • Reputation: Read reviews and find out what past customers have to say about each location.
  • Amenities offered: Look at each location’s amenities such as swimming pools, climbing walls – anything else which could tailor your pet’s experience.
  • Staff qualifications: It’s essential to choose a wag hotel with staff trained in quality animal care practices.

Choosing The Right Accommodation For Your Furry Friend

Choosing an appropriate accommodation for your furry friend ultimately depends on their personality and behavior towards different interactions. For instance, some hotels provide private suites designed mainly for senior pets or those fussier than others who like spacious places without distractions.

The VIP Suites that cater exclusively to luxury accommodations can accommodate larger dogs with expansive space. While there are also runs designed mainly for social animals who can interact with others throughout their stay and lounge cabins available for the quieter, reserved types.


Finding a quality pet care facility is essential for ensuring that pets receive proper care while their owners are away. The Wag Hotel provides an excellent alternative to traditional boarding facilities, offering not only the usual staples but also additional amenities like swimming pools, climbing walls, and custom meals prepared by nutritionists.

Across all four locations of the hotel chain, trained staff members provide 24-hour surveillance services and tailored programs following your pet’s specific needs. Choosing this kind of accommodation ultimately comes down to your dog or cat’s personality traits and behavior towards different environments – that said, making sure you choose a reputable location with adequate services will make all the difference in keeping them healthy and happy during their staycation away from home.

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